Sunluxy anti-crisis PTZ WiFi IP…

The box is large, everything fit without any extra. boxes for the power supply. * all kinds of pieces of paper The set is quite standard: * wall mount and screws * power supply What I see is that the picture shows two cameras, the right one is very similar to the Escam Cat QF300 from my review, this shape is difficult to confuse with the other. This is the first thing that caught my attention. < /p>

Sunluxy anti-crisis PTZ WiFi IP HD 720p camera with unexpectedly excellent picture quality

* camera And now let’s look at the photo of the box from this side: For this money, I did not expect anything special from this camera, and the brand is not known to me, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the video. Inside, everything is perfectly and firmly packed, the mail is too tough, except perhaps for the postal heavyweights 🙂 The only exception here is this green adapter, which is usually not included with other cameras.

I have not worked with alarm sensors, I do not know its purpose. There are a lot of visual pictures and text about the performance characteristics of the camera on all sides. * software CD