Overview comparison of available…

For experimentation, you will need two arduino debug boards (I took Nano), two breadboards, wires, an LED and a limiting resistor. In my past reviews, it was he who was used.
I don’t remember exactly where I bought it, but it’s not that important.
I have different receivers and transmitters of this range, I decided to generalize and classify these devices. In general, these are all lyrics, let’s move on to the specifics, the https://jiji.com.gh/51-speakers/jbl-charge-3 following devices are subject to comparison: This time I would like to compare their different variations and understand if there is a difference between them, and which ones are preferable. I got it like this: Under the cut, the construction of a test bench based on arduino, a little code, in fact, tests and conclusions.

Overview comparison of available receivers and transmitters in the 433 MHz band for crafts

The most common and cheapest set of transmitter and receiver:
Also, I soldered the leads for insertion into the breadboard. I invite lovers of electronic homemade products under cat. The following kit is positioned as a higher quality one: I already wrote about the use of receivers and transmitters operating in the 433 MHz band in relation to my crafts.
Sold here for $2.48 complete with antenna springs for this band. Someone may object that now there are quite a few wi-fi solutions and it is worth using them, however, I note that their use is not advisable everywhere, besides, sometimes you don’t want to interfere with yourself and your neighbors by occupying such a valuable frequency resource. In order to ensure equal conditions for all participants, we solder the same copper antennas in the form of a spiral:
You can buy, for example, here, it costs $0.65 for receiver along with transmitter. The following device participating in this event is a transmitter: Review item itself, sold separately as a receiver: Moreover, it is rather difficult to do without a radio channel in the design of devices, especially if the craft should not be in a stationary position.